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Bangladesh - 2.7 ¢/m,
India - 1.5 ¢/m,
Pakistan - 4.0 ¢/m,
Nepal - 8.1 ¢/m,
Afghanistan - 16.6 ¢/m,
Bhutan - 11.4 ¢/m,
Sri Lanka - 9.6 ¢/m,
Philippines - 9 ¢/m,
China - 1.1 ¢/m,
U.K. - 1.1 ¢/m,
USA to USA. - 1.1 ¢/m
About Us

Deshiphones.com is dedicated to providing you with the Highest Quality Prepaid Phone Cards at the Lowest Possible Prices. We offer International Phone Cards for calling Bangladesh and all over the world. Choose a Phone Card, buy it online and instantly receive the PIN! Call from any USA and Canada, at any time to any place!

It's cheap- Prepaid phone cards are the cheapest way to make domestic or international long distance calls. Buy a Phone Card for as little as $5.

It's Fast - You can shop, choose from a variety of prepaid phone cards and start making calls in a few minutes. You can purchase a phone card with a Major Credit Card.

It's convenient - You can use a prepaid phone card to make high quality calls from any phone. Our phone cards also offer other features like instant access (make calls without dialing an account number or PIN), Speed Dialing. We offer more than just phone cards!

13 Years in Business – Deshiphones.com is selling prepaid calling card since 2000. Same owners (Masud and Shabbir) are running this website from the beginning till now.

Customer Services – If you should have any questions please do not hesitate to call us at 1-562-436-4318 or e-mail us at masudol@hotmail.com

If you should have problem with any of the access number listed, please notify us so that we can fix the problem. To contact us please call 1-562-298-6383.

Contact Us:        Deshiphones.com
Phone:  1-562-298-6383
E-mail: masudol@hotmail.com

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