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Bangladesh - 2.7 ¢/m,
India - 1.5 ¢/m,
Pakistan - 4.0 ¢/m,
Nepal - 8.1 ¢/m,
Afghanistan - 16.6 ¢/m,
Bhutan - 11.4 ¢/m,
Sri Lanka - 9.6 ¢/m,
Philippines - 9 ¢/m,
China - 1.1 ¢/m,
U.K. - 1.1 ¢/m,
USA to USA. - 1.1 ¢/m
Crystal Blue

Connection Fee No
Maintenance Fee No
Rounding Minute by minute
Toll Free Access Numbers Yes ( USA/Canada Only, additional fees applies)
Local Access Numbers Yes
Service Taxes & Surcharges No
Pay Phone Charge Yes(0.99 Cents)
Validity period Never Expires
Prompt Languages English
Phone Card Instructions

Dial the access number
Enter your PIN
Dial the number you wish to call
For calls to the US or Canada dial: 1 + Area Code + Number + #
For calls to other countries dial: 011 + Country Code + Area Code + Number + #
To place another call, press ## (Hash) and then dial the destination number after the prompt
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