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Bangladesh - 2.7 ¢/m,
India - 1.5 ¢/m,
Pakistan - 4.0 ¢/m,
Nepal - 8.1 ¢/m,
Afghanistan - 16.6 ¢/m,
Bhutan - 11.4 ¢/m,
Sri Lanka - 9.6 ¢/m,
Philippines - 9 ¢/m,
China - 1.1 ¢/m,
U.K. - 1.1 ¢/m,
USA to USA. - 1.1 ¢/m
Spintel USA
Customer Service Number: 1-562-298-6383

Connection Fee No
Maintenance Fee No
Rounding 3 Minutes
Toll Free Access Numbers 888-444-1447( USA Only, additional fees applies)
Local Access Numbers Yes
Service Taxes & Surcharges No
Pay Phone Charge Yes(0.99 Cents)
Validity period Never Expires
Prompt Languages English/Spanish

Phone Card Instructions

Dial the access number
Enter your PIN
Dial the number you wish to call
For calls to the US or Canada dial: 1 + Area Code + Number + #
For calls to other countries dial: 011 + Country Code + Area Code + Number + #
To place another call, press ## (Hash Twice) and then dial the destination number after the prompt

Spintel Card: Pinless Dialing Instruction

How To Re-charge Pinless FAQ


Crystal Connect and Spintel are prepaid Pin & pin less card at the same time, you can use the same card as a regular prepaid card & you can setup the same card to your home or cell phone as a pin less card with One Touch speed dial system. If you need help, email us or call us.


Just Dial your access number (local or toll free) provided above, and Enter PIN number followed by # key.Upon authentication, System will ask:
--Press *#-- for User Option,Select Option 2- to add your phone# to the account,
Then Select 1 to add your phone# to make pin less dial (make sure you caller ID is Unblocked), Once completed successfully added your phone# to the pin less dial system. Then you will be returned to the main menu Option.
Select Option 3- to add a new speed dial entry(see below how to set up speed dial)


How to setup:
Dial your access (local or toll free) number provided ABOVE for this specific card, press *# - to select User Option,
Select Option 3 -to add a new speed dial entry, then press 2 to add new speed dial.
Then please enter the new speed dial destination (example: 011+880+2+ your 7 digit Dhaka number) followed by the # key, Make sure you save the speed dial list (example: 1 is Rajib, 2 is masud etc.).

How It Works:
Once you setup speed dial, after dialing the access (local access or toll-free) #,
Instead of dialing 011 880 2 1234567(011+CountryCode+CityCode+your Number) you can just press 1# (for 1st speed dial) and wait for the call to go through to the first speed dial #.

After dialing your local access number, It will always ask you to dial a destination number, you can enter any destination number to your choice or if you want to use the destination number fromĀ  preset speed dial, then press :
1# --for the 1st speed dial OR
2# --for the 2nd speed dial OR so on.
AND wait for the ring tone on the other side.
Note: You do not need to go to user option(*#) unless you want to:
*Recharge your pin/account using a Voucher (Option-1)
*Add your phone number to the pin to make it pin less Account(Option-2)
*setup speed dial or to find out what numbers you have in speed dial(Option-3)
You can call Using our local access # from anywhere in the world, but make sure you do not get long distance Charge for dialing by your cell or Land phone provider. We will not be responsible for any fees charged by your home or Cell Phone Company.

For more information, E-MAIL us with details at masudol@hotmail.com
and if you need help, Call us at (562) 298-6383


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