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Bangladesh - 2.7 ¢/m,
India - 1.5 ¢/m,
Pakistan - 4.0 ¢/m,
Nepal - 8.1 ¢/m,
Afghanistan - 16.6 ¢/m,
Bhutan - 11.4 ¢/m,
Sri Lanka - 9.6 ¢/m,
Philippines - 9 ¢/m,
China - 1.1 ¢/m,
U.K. - 1.1 ¢/m,
USA to USA. - 1.1 ¢/m

Welcome To Deshiphones.com ! Here you can purchase cheap phone cards for Bangladesh and other nations!

Deshiphones.com offers PINless dialing on many of our phone cards for additional dialing convenience. Essentially, PINless dialing allows you to make international phone calls without ever having to dial a lengthy PIN prior to dialing the phone number you want to call. The phone cards featured below offer the PINless dialing feature, low international calling rates and our 100% Guarantee. Learn more about each card by clicking on any Learn more link or image.




Quick Link on Pinless Calling

> Pinless Calling Instruction
> How To Re-Charge
> Pinless FAQs

Buying a PINless phone card is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

1. Click on a featured card to learn more or to compare best rates.
2. Next, select and purchase your phone card online.
3. PIN(s) will be sent to you instantly by email.
4. Call Us to find out how to activate your pinless card.

Our Phone number: 1-562-298-6383..

How To Use PINLess Phone Card

Deshiphone's No-PIN Dialing feature allows you to connect to your calls faster. Register unlimited phone numbers that you frequently call from (home, cell phone, etc.) and you will no longer be prompted for your Account Number and PIN when calling from these locations. Simply dial the Deshiphones access number, and after the prompt, dial the phone number you would like to call.

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