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Bangladesh - 2.7 ¢/m,
India - 1.5 ¢/m,
Pakistan - 4.0 ¢/m,
Nepal - 8.1 ¢/m,
Afghanistan - 16.6 ¢/m,
Bhutan - 11.4 ¢/m,
Sri Lanka - 9.6 ¢/m,
Philippines - 9 ¢/m,
China - 1.1 ¢/m,
U.K. - 1.1 ¢/m,
USA to USA. - 1.1 ¢/m
Crystal Connect & Spintelcard : FAQs

Is there any Charge to Use Local Access number?

No, there is no charge to use local access number from the card company.  Just make sure your own (cell or land) phone company do not charge you for long distance roaming in case the Card Company Provided Local access number is Long distance Number for you (For Example: Youlive in Texas and you are using the local access number from New York. Card company will not chargefor using local access #, but make sure your (land or cell)phone company will not charge you.

Does This card expires?
No, It does not expire.

Can I use the same pin for different phones?
Yes, you can setup for your home, office and cell phones..

How can I setup Pinless Option to my Phone?
First, Dial the access number (local or toll free) provided, and Enter Card number followed by # key.Upon authentication, System will ask:

-- Press *# for User Option.
-- Select Option 2- to add your phone# to the account.
Then Select 1 to add your phone# to make pin less dial (make sure you caller ID is Unblocked), Once completed successfully adding your phone# to the pinless dial system, you will be returned to main menu.

How Can I setup speed dial to my pinlesscard ?
Dial the access (local or toll free) number provided.
press *# -- for User Option.
Select Option 3 for new speed dial entry, Then press 2 to add new speed dial.
Then enter the speed dial destination (example: 011 880 2 + your 7 digit Dhaka number) followed by the # key.
Make sure to save the speed dial list (example: 1 is Rajib, 2 ismasud etc.).

How to Use the speed dial?
After dialing your local access number, It will always ask you to dial a destination number, you can enter anydestination number to your choice or if you want to use the destination number from preset speed dial, then press :
1# --for the 1st speed dial OR
2# --for the 2nd speed dial OR so on.
and wait for the ring tone on the other side.

When should I Recharge or add balance to my pinless account?
Recharge your account before the ending balance become less than 10(ten) cents. You can add balanceany time you want to. Once the ending balance is less than 10 cents, system will reset and your presetpinless phone Number (which is your home or work or cell) & speed dial will be erased. Then, you needto setup the Pinless option from scratch using a new card.

Can I add balance over Existing balance?
Yes, you can add balance over the exiting balance.

Can I hear the balance over the Phone?
Yes, you will hear your balance amount every time you will dial your access#.

Can I do automatic recharge?
You Need to input Card/Voucher Number just once per Recharge. There is No Automatic recharge option.
ATTN: To Auto Recharge, It is necessary to save your credit card information to a local server and it is never safe to do so. That's why we never save credit card info.  But you will have the option to add $10, $20, $30, $50, $100 or more to avoid the recharge frequently.

Is this posted Rate for All Bangladesh(Land & mobile phone) and same for Other Countries?
Yes, Posted rates are for Any land &/or any Mobile phone as posted. Any future change will be posted.

Can I check my calling minute record online?
It is Available on request only.

Are we going to add more local access #s in the future?
Yes, we will add more local access # in the future.

If any minutes lost because of dialing only, will you reimburse those minutes?
No, It is your responsibility to hang-up within 20 seconds if other party doesn't respond and dial again if needed by pressing pound twice(##). But if there is a system issue, Customer will be reimbursed for that.

Do I need to change my current telephone service provider?
No change is necessary.

Is there any hidden fees?
No, There is no hidden fees, no per call fees, no weekly/monthly fees.

Is there any minute rounding?
There is one minute rounding.
For more information, Email us with details at: masudol@hotmail.com and Call us at  (562) 298-6383

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